September 13, 2007

Flying High and Grinning About It

For the past couple of weeks I have been looking for a second job. One of the reasons  for this is because it gets very tiring being at home working all of the time and I need a change of scenery. Well, this morning at 10am I had an interview with a job agency here in town. All went well with the interview and the agency said they might have a job in this area interested in hiring me. A few minutes ago I received a call back from the agency asking me if I'd be interested in going out for an interview with Kansas Aviation.

Most people would probably just be ecstatic over the fact that it's a job interested in hiring. Not me! I am actually more than that... and for a really awesome reason too! One of my other dreams/goals is to get my pilot license. Now while Kansas Aviation doesn't actually deal with that particular area, it does mean I will be around a company that does deal with the engine aspect of airplanes, jets, etc. It's an opportunity for me to learn more about them.

The only slight downfall is this is only a temporary job with them. The person I will be filling in for is on medical leave for the time being. But, that's okay. I really don't mind! I am just really excited right now and from what I understood from the agency the person interested in hiring me is excited to meet me as well. So I have a great shot at this!

I have an interview with Kansas Aviation tomorrow morning at 9am, so once I come back from that, I will post a blog and let everyone know how things went!