September 23, 2007

Black Friday Full Speed Ahead

After everything settles down with my dramatic so-called life, I am hoping to be able to participate in Black Friday and get my Christmas shopping started early this year. Thanks to, I can check out great discounts on my favorite stores.

Since we're a small town and wal-mart is about the only shopping center that's around here, I am excited to find that offers some great wal-mart deals that I could certainly see myself buying for Christmas. My step-daughter is a big fan of Barbie and I found that wal-mart has Barbie Fashion Fever Dolls for only $5. I also found Free Willy on DVD for less than $4. You've Got Mail on DVD is less than $4 as well! How cool is that??

The great thing about is they allows you to purchase everything right online without having to get up and head to the store. You can have email alerts sent to you so you'll know when the latest Black Friday ads are available.

Looking for somewhere besides Wal-mart to shop at? offers other places as well. I found Target, another one of my favorite stores to shop at. Know someone who's into fishing or hunting? Bass Pro Shops is another listed with the website. They even have AAFES for those who are military related.

No matter what you are looking for, there's sure to be something to peek you're interest and you can do it all without having to beat the crowds! Happy Black Friday Hunting!