September 20, 2007

Back Away From the French Toast... A Brunette Moment

This morning I decided I wanted breakfast. Usually it's a rare thing for me to even eat breakfast, but I guess today was one of those, "Gotta have Breakfast" days. Soo I made french toast for breakfast. I was down to transferring the last piece of french toast to my plate, when it slipped off the spatula and onto the floor. The next thing I know, the cats are in the kitchen... wondering what the hell is going on and fighting me for the french toast. In the process (dumb brunette moment) I set the hot skillet down on a plastic lid so that I could retrieve the toast from the floor and the cats(they won't eat it). After realizing what I did with the skillet, I picked it up and discovered melted plastic all over the bottom of the skillet. Yeah, that will be fun to get off of there!

To make a long story short, the cats did not want the french toast (but they'll eat lentils), so I'm giving it to the dogs and I now have a nice skillet ring mark on my lid to my cleaning


See. Brunettes can have dumb moments too!!! LOL