August 25, 2007

Why I Will Never Visit St. Paul, Minnesota

Yesterday our local paper printed an article that stunned me. I realize that there are a lot of screwed up people in this world, but since when do witnesses to a woman's cry for help stand by, watch and do nothing. That is exactly what happened to a 26 year old woman who was sexually assaulted by a man in an apartment complex in St. Paul, Minnesota.

For 90 minutes the women was sexually assaulted while residents of the apartment complex ignored her cries for help. People were stepping outside of the door to see what was going on, but no one was willing to call the police to help.  One man even walked by, stopped for a moment to watch the assault and then simply moved on.  

It disgusts me how people are willing to ignore those who are in need of help. The surprising thing is, the state of Minnesota actually has a law that is supposed to protect innocent citizens by making it a misdemeanor offense when a witness does not give reasonable help to a person in danger. Yet, the city will probably not prosecute those who ignored her cries because they would have to go out of their way to prove that those witnesses heard or saw the women's cries for help. Now here's the kicker. All of this was caught on security camera.

It angers me that people were unwilling to help someone in danger. It angers me even more that the city just doesn't give a shit about their own laws. I bet it if were someone important who was in trouble and witnesses ignored it, every one of those witnesses would be prosecuted in a heart beat!

I'll keep my distance from St. Paul, Minnesota... Thank You very much....