August 24, 2007

What's For Dinner

Every Friday we head for the supercenter wal-mart to do our weekly grocery shopping. For a family of 7 (when we have all of the kids) I can generally manage to spend around $150 per week. I have been trying to cut down on this bill, but without sacrificing taste or healthy foods. Lately a lot of our dinners consist of pasta since it is reasonable. While pasta may be reasonable it isn't always healthy! Another problem is, pasta gets very boring. So this week I am cutting out the pasta and adding other yummy dishes instead.

The great thing about summer is fresh produce from the local farmers! I love fresh produce and look forward to dropping by their vendors when I am able to. This is a big advantage towards the grocery bill since they are much more reasonable that wal-mart's produce.

Once in a while I do add treats for the kids like snack crackers, puddings or other kid favorites. I would much rather them have fresh fruits and veggies as a snack when I can, but I don't see anything wrong to treating kids to a junk food favorite once in a while.

We also indulge in a dessert once or twice a week. This week I am planning to make a carrot cake with a caramel sauce. I made carrot juice a few nights ago and because I have a juicer, I am able to save the carrot pulp for things like cake. :) It's the first time I will make a caramel sauce to go over the cake, so I hope it turns out well!