August 24, 2007

Walking For Alzheimer's Disease

When I was still working as a CNA in nursing homes, I was around many elderly people who had Alzheimer's Disease. There was one lady in particular who would roam the halls and forget where her room was or forget whether she was wearing a sweater or not, that day. Her name was Helen.

Every time I saw Helen roaming, I would stop to visit with her and then assist her to her room or gently remind her that she didn't bring her sweater today. A few hours later she would be roaming the hallways again and I would repeat my visit with her all over again.

While I enjoyed visiting with Helen, it saddened me that she would forget who I was even though we'd visited with one another a few hours prior. It also saddened me that she would not be able to remember her past and cherish the wonderful memories of her life. She would not know her loved ones or be able to talk about old times with them.

Helen passed away a few months after I left the nursing home, but my sadness still remains. While many people are aware of Alzheimer's Disease, they may not be aware that someone out there is willing to do something about the disease. That someone is the Alzheimer's Association and their Memory Walk Program.

Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is helping to raise awareness and the funds to help fight Alzheimer's Disease. The funds for this walk will also help for care of loved ones with Alzheimer's as well. Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is asking volunteers of all ages to become a part of the fight for Alzheimer's Disease by starting or joining a team and walking for a purpose.

Through their website you can find information on how to join or start a team. You can also volunteer in other ways if you're unable to join the walk. If you're not sure whether a team has been started in your area, you can type in your zip code and do a search that is provided on the main page of their website.

If there is not a team in your area, why not start one? While you don't need to be a team captain to walk, becoming a team captain is a great start to help in the fight for a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. It's a great way for your to make sure that friends and family are aware of what is going on.

Consider this in volunteering as a team captain:

If you live in a small town like I do, you can change things for loved ones like, Helen.

  • Make businesses aware of this disease by asking for donations and having them post flyers in their windows.

  • Talk to friends and family and have them help in your quest by walking with you or donating to this great cause.

  • Let the local newspaper and radio station know of your cause and see if they will print an article about the walk or announce it on the air.

  • Talk to nursing homes and get them involved!

  • The above are just a few ways you can help as a team captain. In the end it's a positive experience knowing that you are a big part of this cause. For me this is a great cause that I want to be a part of. Won't you join me with the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk in this fight and help loved ones remember?

    Become a Team Captain and change a life.