August 2, 2007

The Truth About Men and Even Women!

This came from I came across it while looking at paid opportunities. Unfortunately I didn't get to put in for this one, but I thought it would be interesting to comment on each of Bob Grant's 50 Truth's About Men. What do you think? Do any of these apply to your guy? I've noticed quite a few that do and then some that don't. Some actually worry me because if that's what they are thinking?? Wow.

50 Universal Truths About Men

By: Bob Grant, L.P.C. “The Relationship Doctor”

1. Why should I remind you that “I love you?” I already told you once. It's nice to hear because it makes me feel special. Doesn't it make you feel special as well? I love hearing the words "I love you" from the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

2. I’ll do anything for sex; even commit to you for life. This makes me sad. Why would someone commit to a person for life just for sex? You should want to be with someone for more than just sex. If you're not in a relationship heart and soul, how fair is that to the other person?

3. I hate arguing with you. I’d much rather find a compromise. I have to agree with this one. Whether we like to admit it or not, some of us do tend to argue rather than try to sit down and find a compromise. I'll admit I am one of those women! This one opened my eyes.

4. I love long hair. Sorry, but I do. I can understand that. I love long hair too. On a guy that is! HA!

5. When you speak softly, I can’t help but listen. I had to think about this one for a second and this one is right. I tend to hear, "What?" and then when I do speak up, I'm

6. I need to be told “no” sometimes. Not a lot, but every now and again reminds me that you are expensive. But when we do say no, we hear whining and complaining or you just do it anyway. Girls can be this way too, however.

7. Please don’t ask me how you look unless you’re willing to trust my answer. Good Idea!

8. My eyes notice other women a lot more when you are upset with me. Not always true. When you're with someone, I've always believed you should be with just that person. Not off flirting with a woman/man right in front of his/her face. Sigh. Viewing another woman/man is a natural thing to do and isn't always a big deal unless you start drooling and bragging that he or she is better looking, etc. Besides, even if you're upset, why would you want to start noticing other women if we're still in your heart? I just don't get this one.

9. When you’re happy with me I can’t help but want to please you. Really? Then why am I always on the back burner? Does this mean I always anger you in some way?

10. If I don’t feel I can make you happy, it makes me feel less than a man. Then listening would be a nice start. Appreciating the person would be another nice start.

11. I expect you to be ready when I pick you up. Maybe we should pay more attention to this I am bad about not being ready when I say I am.

12. Cigarettes make any woman look cheap and easy. I think it depends on the guy. I don't smoke, so this one doesn't apply. Besides it doesn't mean we are cheap and easy. My grandmother and aunts smoked and believe me they were/are some tough mean bitches! They never took shit off people either.

13. I'm scared if I let a woman inside my heart, she'll take advantage of me. We can understand that. We women are scared of the very same thing from men.

14. If you can’t stand up to me when I’m a brat, you’re too weak for me to open up to when I’m upset. Why make life soo hard?

15. Sitting quietly next to me after you’ve made me a meal is your get-out-of-the-doghouse-free ticket. You’ll be surprised how quickly I can forgive. Soo what about for you? Saying an I'm sorry would be nice when you've done something wrong.

16. You did something hurtful. If I never bring it up, I’m considering leaving you. This one bothers me. Talk it out. Don't shut out the person you love no matter how upset you may be.

17. I don’t read minds. Remember, I’m not a girl. You're right. Another eye opener. Just remember we can't always read minds either.

18. You may know fashion, but I wish you’d dress to please me, not other women. Well, I personally don't dress to please other women. I dress to please myself. When I do ask for an opinion it's "Wear what you want, I don't care."

19. If I’m losing my hair, it’s not funny. Would you like me to joke about your weight? I don't know about other women, but I wouldn't find this funny. I can understand a guy's point of view on this one though.

20. When I talk to you about golf and you act bored, it would be nice for you to remember all the times I listened to you talk about what is important to you. And when was that?

21. The woman I love is easy to please. She appreciates the effort I put into making her happy, even if I get the details wrong. What about the man? Women are not perfect either. We shouldn't be expected to be.

22. You look hot in a dress. If this came from the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with, who'd actually say that, then "Thank You." But I don't see this happening anytime

23. I hate being told what to do when I don’t ask for help. It makes me feel you’re my mother. Here's another one of those eye openers.

24. If you sleep over, I might eventually marry you, but I’m less motivated. I dunno about other women, but this just made me feel really crappy. Sigh. If I am with a guy it's because I am with them, not because I want to get laid or jump into bed with them right away.

25. During sex my ears are as sensitive to your words as your skin is to my touch. Really? I'll have to try the words.

26. I need some type of signal or cue to walk across the room and approach you. What if you’re married!? I've never had a problem with a guy approaching me, even when it's obvious from the wedding ring that I am married. I'd rather be out with my guy anyway. And I certainly have no desire to pick up

27. It makes me feel like you trust me when you ask for my advice. Generally if I ask for advice I get a negative remark, like why are you asking me about that crap?

28. It feels competitive when you insist on being in charge. Ditto

29. Being respected is more important to me that being loved. How about an equal amount of each?

30. I want every guy to envy me when we arrive as a couple. Please don’t let yourself go. Then, please start caring and stopping saying you don't care. Then let's go places together other than wal-mart.

31. When I’m upset I am very tone sensitive. How you say it is more important that what you say.. Yeah, I have to agree with this one. I've even been told this by a guy.

32. I hate it when you minimize/ignore my compliments. It makes me what to stop giving them. This would be nice if I were to get complimented.

33. I’m more insecure than you think. Why do you think I need your respect so much? Why are guys okay with this, but if a woman would like respected as well, it's not okay?

34. I don’t always know how I feel. That’s why I don’t tell you. We still don't understand why, but this is another eye opener in a sense.

35. I don’t need you to do things for me. What I crave is being able to please you. We women enjoy doing things for a guy. I don't know too many guys who enjoy being able to please a woman (aside from sex).

36. If I do one thing and say something contradictory – Go with my actions, that will always tell you what’s in my heart. Yeah, sometimes that worries me.

37. I find myself wanting to please you when you simply smile at me without asking for something. (Like a favor). Then why doesn't this ever happen for me?

38. I really don’t want to hear about any of your ex-boyfriends, regardless of the point. Okay ladies, another eye opener!

39. If I don’t share what I’m thinking it’s because I don’t think you will listen without interrupting. I'll admit it, I'm an interrupter. Sorry about that. I need to open my eyes more on this one as well.

40. I don’t like to argue and I don’t like to guess what’s wrong. Just tell me so I can fix it. I think I am speaking for the rest of the women when I say, ditto!

41. I love it when you put your hair in a pony tail. Yes, it’s a Freudian thing. I think this one depends on the man.

42. Don’t ask me, “Are you going to wear that?” when I’m already dressed. Another Good Idea!

43. A gentleman should always be respected by his lady in public, even if she is disagreeing with him. Same goes for the guy I would think.

44. If you don’t believe you’re pretty, you won’t believe me when I tell you, no matter how many times I say it. You're right. This is another eye opener in a sense. I know a few guys who tend to brag about how pretty another woman is or how hot she is, but will never admit it to the person they are with. Sad. Sigh.

45. It isn’t how much you weigh; it’s that your body is proportionate which is so attractive. We can understand if the weight is dangerous, but why should this even be an issue? If we have a butt that's larger than the rest of our body, what's the problem? Okay so maybe I just don't get this one or I am not reading it right?

46. Sometimes I have weird and strange thoughts. I don’t take them seriously and I don’t want to share them with you (or anyone). Thank You for the insight. Another eye opener.

47. Sometimes you really don’t want to know what I’m thinking. See above. I agree, but we're still going to ask! lol

48. If you cheat on me, it is nearly impossible for me to get over it. We feel the same way when you do it to us, so please don't expect us to just get over it.

49. I don’t remember everything about our relationship and that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. You're right.

50. I need some time to myself to calm down when I’m upset so that I don’t say something I will regret. I should know this one by now. Sigh.