August 26, 2007

Something I Wrote

Credit For This Photo: PennyWise The cold winter snow fell heavily on the Toyota Camry's windshield as Lisa turned on the wiperblades to clear her view. She had less than 45 minutes to make it to the airport and this sudden blizzard she already knew, was going to slow her down. Amazingly after a few tries the ignition had turned over and the engine had started. Smiling in her triumphant glory, Lisa carefully backed out of the driveway and headed for the interstate. She looked down at her speedometer and pressed on the gas pedal.

She had no time to lose and the roads didn't look as icy as they had first seemed. After a few miles down the road she glanced at the time. Damn. She only had 20 minutes to make it to the airport. She pressed on the gas pedal again, laughing to herself as she passed the little old couple in the sunny yellow station wagon. What a color!

After another couple of miles she realized she wasn't going to make it on time if she didn't put the pedal to the metal. Pressing on the gas pedal once more, she increased her speed to 70 and breathed a sigh of relief. Ha! Who were they fooling. Blizzards were nothing! Beaming, Lisa just knew she was going to make it on time! But just as quickly as she had basked in her successfulness, a strong gust of wind pushed the car into the oncoming traffic.

Panicking, Lisa jerked at the wheel to force the car back in her lane, but the wind was stronger and winning. She jerked harder until finally the car swerved back into her lane, but not before grazing the side of the cement barrier. Lisa stared at the passenger side mirror and cringed at the Camry's trim. It had been torn to bits by the barrier. The damage could not be undone. A horn honked and Lisa nearly jumped as the little old couple in the sunny yellow station wagon waved as they passed by. Damn. She had just lost. Lisa looked up at her instructor and winced.

"It was wondrous that you weren't driving a real car and this wasn't a real storm. Otherwise you and anyone else on the road wouldn't be here today." He frowned. "You failed the test Miss Thomas. You will have to repeat the driving course." Swallowing her pride, Lisa nodded in reply and sank down in her chair. Her mother would not be happy with the news. It would be a very long walk home.