August 22, 2007

The Not So Big 32

Last Sunday was my birthday. A few days before it rolled around I was actually dreading it. Not because of my age, but because in the past my birthday has been forgotten and just not cared about by those who matter to me. Surprise, Surprise. This year was no different than the past 16 years. My birthday has now past and I have yet to really enjoy my birthday. I did manage to go to a place called Taco Tico yesterday, my treat. That however was after much argument from my significant other who swears that my treating him to his favorite movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show live as a play (a movie of which I had no desire to see and he knew that) was my birthday gift. HA! HA!

So after taco tico and more whining (not from me) I manage to stop by wal-mart and shop around for something for my birthday. I ended up not getting anything after the kids decided they wanted toys and movies (neither of which they got) and my significant other getting two new movies. (I decided to go ahead and buy him because they're never there when we go back the next time) Really, I can't say much about the trip to wal-mart, but I did request getting to go to yard sales this weekend for my birthday. We'll see if I really get to do that. Sigh. I did get a few Happy Birthdays from friends, so I am ecstatic because of that.

As far as the rest of it, I guess I am hoping for once in my life to be treated special on a special day. I don't think that is ever going to happen though.


On a greater note, Since Monday I've managed to walk 80 minutes a day. Not by choice, but it's been nice to be able to get out an walk again. Because we have no car and I'm not allowed to drive my husband's truck(it's touchy, so he won't let anyone drive it), I walk the kids to school every day. it's a 20 minute walk from here to the school, so it's a decent distance. In the past if I walked for 20 minutes, I was out of breath. Today I've noticed that it's not as bad. So the walking is paying off.


The walking is also paying off in another sense. Last night I decided to juice my carrots for carrot juice. Today I made a trip up to Braums for some fresh fruit and vegetables for breakfast and lunch. I am really looking forward to a more healthy breakfast and lunch for a change.