August 14, 2007

Making Reservations

Next month is my son's surgery and my husband and I are planning to reserve a one night hotel stay for then. I've looked into Hotel Reservations website before and I was really excited about what they had to offer. I still am. I can get a room for the two of us at Ecno lodge for $43 per a night. Not bad at all compared to some of the other rates.


Looking ahead at next year, I'd planned on a vacation for my husband and I to the Caribbean. If all goes well, I'll be checking back with them for a reasonable package deal. The one thing I did find a little disappointing was that Hotel Reservations do not have cruise ship packages. I am hoping by the time I check back with them for a vacation, they will! Right now however, they do offer, flight + hotel+ car, flight + hotel, hotel + car and flight + car. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to combine your vacation plans into one great deal, they have it!


If you’re looking for just a vacation rental, you can do a search for several major cities here in the U.S. If you’re looking to get out of the U.S. instead, they have several international destinations as well. If you’re planning to stay more than one night at a hotel, you should definitely check out their, “Up to $100 Rebate Offer.” The rebate is only good for booked rooms between September 30 and November 30th of this year, however.


The great thing about Hotel Reservations is, they do have a 24/hr customer service line. So even if I have to wait to plan the vacation or trip for Oklahoma City when my husband gets home from work, Hotel Reservations is still there to help. So, yeah I will probably go through Hotel Reservations to get a hotel for our trip to Oklahoma City. Saves us the hassle of having to call every hotel in the area to compare prices! Especially when you're on a budget like we are!



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