August 9, 2007

Is Britney Spears Running Scared?

On Monday, pop-star Britney Spears was seen hitting a parked car. She then got out of her car, looked at her own car and then went on her merry little way. Truth be told, this isn't new news to the media and it certainly isn't just a celebrity matter either. The big difference is, celebrities are well-known and have a lot of money where the rest of society isn't always in the lime light and they don't have big bucks.

So what gives? Do celebrities fear the worse when they get into fender benders like Britney Spear's? It's definitely a thought. While we are not all greedy when it comes to the all mighty dollar, there are some who if given the chance, would take advantage of Britney Spear's fender bender situation. They would ask for a ridiculous amount of money that would never be asked for if it were anyone non-famous.

The result? Celebrity's like Britney Spears running scared.

It doesn't seem to be the case in Britney Spear's story, however. All the woman is asking for is the damages to her car paid for. And of course, no matter how a celebrity may look at it, it's certainly not fair to the victim involved. Of course, this might not even be the reason Britney left the scene of the accident. Whatever her reason, it was simply uncalled for.