August 20, 2007

Get A Real Job!

How many times have you heard the title line repeated to you? I know I've heard it more than once and it gets very tiring. At one point I thought I was alone, but then I read posts like Deborah's Working at home: It’s not all jammies and bon bons and I am reminded of how many other freelance writers have to put up with the same thing I do. Over and Over again. Whether your friends or family have told you to your face to get a real job or they just assume you can automatically drop whatever you're doing to tend to their needs, YOU'RE NOT ALONE!


Until recently, my husband had a really bad habit of assuming that I am available to do anything since I work at home. It took me having a nervous breakdown and him having to scramble to find a babysitter to realize that I'm not. Now I'm not sure if his new way of thinking will last forever, but at least I got him to listen and understand that my job is very real. Even if it's just a one time deal!