August 29, 2007

A Funny Little Thing Called Life

My father called just a few moments ago. He's decided to go to Oklahoma City for my son's surgery after all. It's funny that his reason now for not wanting to go prior, is that he wasn't sure he'd have the money to go.... because I wasn't sure of an exact time of the surgery. It's also the same reason my mother did not want to go. Now it gets even more interesting, simply because... I was paying for the trip to and from OKC and he knows that.

I'm really debating whether to trust him on his word again. There is a big what if running through my head right now. Like, What If he backs out once again and this time at the very last minute? I think I will continue to look for a back up ride, or some form of transportation, just in case.

So this may very well be a big rock lifted off of my shoulder. I certainly hope so because if my father backs out once again, the Bitch in me will come out! Funny however... because I can't see my mother wanting to get up at 230am to go to OKC. I know her well enough to know that she is going to put up a fight with my father about it. Sigh.

After this trip to OKC I am saving back the paychecks to purchase a car that I can drive. No... If and Or Buts about it!