August 23, 2007

Debt and Credit Cards

If you're trying to get out of debt like I am, many people will tell you to avoid credit cards. For the most part there is some truth to this. When you're trying to get out of debt, credit cards can be a big problem... especially if you love spending money. For some however, credit cards can be a blessing if they are used the right way.

Take Mint Credit Cards for instance. They offer no interest on balance transfers for 13 months. This can be helpful when you have other credit cards with high interest rates. You can transfer high interest cards to Mint Credit Card and pay off those balances in 13 months. After that the interest rate is at 14.9% for most consumers. Still not bad for a credit card rate.

Mint Credit Cards also offers a 24 hour customer service line and you can manage your account with them online. Less hassle! How cool is that!

If you have other high interest rate credit cards, you might want to give them a shot and see if this offer is right for you and apply for a credit card from them.

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