July 1, 2007

When it Rains it Floods

Kansas Flooding If you've been watching the news, where I live, many areas of the city are completely under water. Right now we're only safe because we're on high grounds. Yesterday they evacuated about 100 people here and announced that anyone in a low rise area needed to evacuate immediately. Today they announced the water supply is being cut back considerably because the pump is being shut off. Looking out my front door, the water is about 3 blocks from us. The river is 4 blocks from us, so I'm assuming that's where the source of the water is coming from. My concern is my family who live in Coffeyville. They have no power there and they are under water on the east side. My aunt lives on the west side and the water is reaching her backyard and heading for her house. She has left her house. The ambulances went down the streets last night around 11pm and told people there to evacuate. The town of Fredonia is gone. The picture you see was taken by a Kansas resident. I'm not sure what area this is. I do know that South 11th street here in town is that high up. Fredonia is worse. The water has risen nearly up to the power lines. We have a friend who's parents live in Fredonia, so we are hoping they are okay. Neodesha is partially underwater. My fiance's sister lives there. She's on higher ground and is okay right now. We're all just hoping that it doesn't rain anymore. sigh.