July 11, 2007

A Warning About Google Adsense,Payperpost and Freelance Writing

Today, I made my usual stop at John Chow's website and discovered an interesting, yet scary post about Rich Twin Poor Twin. Rich Twin Poor Twin is a website built by twins who were trying to make their millions using Google Adsene Only. Well, no more! After a pending loss of nearly $200,000 that was due to them from adsene last month, Google decided to ban the twins! Why they banned them was because google claimed they had invalid clicks coming from their ads. It's a story that sucks, but we learn from our mistakes. The worst part about it is, once google bans you, any money due to you will not be sent. So the twins are now out of nearly $200,000.

Never rely on google adsense as your only source of online income. If you do, you're asking for trouble like the twins did. Instead, look at other money making opportunities as well. As John Chow has mentioned in a prior Google Adsense post, putting all of your eggs in one basket is a big mistake! Don't do it!

On the other hand, if you're like me and have yet to receive any money from google adsense, you're probably not too worried, right? Well, you should be. You see, for a while my biggest mistake was relying on Payperpost and my freelancing job as my major source for income. To be exact, I was relying on my freelancing job as a writer, more than anything. Well two things have happened to me lately.

  1. Payperpost hasn't qualified me for any opportunity posts lately. This is more than likely because I have a very low Google Rank that I can't seem to lift. Obviously as far as rank goes I am doing something wrong, but not sure what. So until I can raise my google rank, there will be very few payperpost offers I imagine.

  2. My job as a freelance writer as I said, has been a major source for my income. While I love my job, lately my boss has had a really bad habit of going back on her word. Her first time was during a period when her payroll department didn't pay me the entire amount of money that was owed to me. The money I had expected was suppose to be used to help make a payment on this house. After letting my boss know about the shortened paycheck, she said it would be on it's way by that Thursday.

    Well, I never received it, so of course I emailed her. Her response was, it would be on it's way two weeks later like she had originally noted! So, as upset as I was, I sent her the original email she'd sent me about getting the money due to me by that Thursday (not two weeks later). Even though she did apologize, the damage was done and it was too late, so I ended up waiting the two weeks.

  3. She did however, advance me money from last weeks paycheck, which was nice of her. But a few days ago I sent her a new list of articles and received a response saying that she had given all of the writers a month off. Something I never received notice about. She did however note that I could write 30 articles for her that month. While it shortens my income again, I figured it was at least some money.

    So I queried her about the articles I had sent her for approval. Her reply to me was, she was unable to approve the articles until further notice, but I could write the 5 celebrity articles that were included in the list. So we went from 30 articles to 5 in just one day! And if we really want to go into details, I went from 60 to 30 to 5 in a matter of 4 days. And of course this is all during bad timing! Sigh, just my luck!!!