July 16, 2007

To Comment or Not to Comment. It's Not a Question... For Me...

I happened to drop by Cash Quests, a site that has been mentioned by money gurus like John Chow. To my surprise, however, Cash Quests has decided to turn off comments on their blog. At first they did this because of an experiment. You can read all about that in their main post. Now however, it's an until further notice thing. While the experiment looked interesting, I must disagree with their bold move to turn off the comments until further notice.

Comments are the heart of the blog. They allow readers to communicate with the writer and vice versa. Without them, we writers would have no idea what our readers truly think. Plus we gain some great friends from comments. I enjoy comments from my readers. Good or bad. They help me to improve my blog and give me new ideas for my posts. They offer advice and lend a hand. They give out hugs when I need them the most and put a smile across my face. Without comments, my blog would not be the blog it is today. So to my readers who comment, Please continue to do so!!!!! Comments are a great thing!