July 8, 2007

This and That

Tomorrow is the last day to vote on my story, if you'd like. For more on that, see my Last Post.

Moving on, a few people have mentioned that the purple on my blog is a little harsh on the eyes. Because it has been mentioned by more than one person now, I am considering changing the colors. I am not sure what colors to go with and I doubt I will get to it this week, but I will get it done eventually.

Today has been a very busy day with people coming in and out all day long. I finally managed to get chairs for the wedding and my Aunt has volunteered to bake my cake, so the only thing left to do is to pick up the license tomorrow, get white dress shirts for all of the boys, a pair of black dress shoes for Q and get some decorations. Whew! I still have to find out whether or not it will be raining that day or not.

The interesting thing will be... I invited both of my aunts who have been feuding with one another for several years now. Sigh. I am hoping they will be respectful enough to at least hold the feuding for that day. And I am sure they will. Heck, maybe they'll even get over their battle and forget the past. Of course that is wishful thinking!

I still have to write up the ceremony for our friend who is marrying us. I guess after work, I will do that tomorrow. Speaking of work I just submitted 40 article ideas to my boss. That should keep her busy for a while. HA!  

My goals for this month is to pay off a past bill that my fiance didn't know he had. Not sure what's next after that. I will probably pay off a small bill that I have been paying on from my past. I am really excited to be getting the bills paid off and to be debt-free! This month will be hard though because of the wedding, T's birthday and Q's appointment. Then In September we'll be headed to Oklahoma for my oldest son's surgery.

Well, it's time for me to say goodnight. Until tomorrow......