July 27, 2007

Push Forward, Moving On and Helping Those in Need.

With all of the recent on-going negativity in my life, I've decided something needs to be done. Blog For A Year is offering bloggers a chance to blog and get paid for an entire year. The contest is ongoing until they reach $160,000 or January of 2008. Out of the $160,000, the chosen blogger will receive $80,000 or half of whatever the total amount received is, by January of 2008.

To be honest, I can't see $80,000 being available. I'm not even sure I can picture $1000. But for me it doesn't matter. Sure, the money would be very useful. After all, money is the only way it seems we can make it in this messed up world. My passion for writing however, is what matters. I look forward to it, with or without payment. It's why I try to write, each and every day.

I do however, want to try to change things in this world. I want to help those who have been made fun of through life or simply ignored. Those who have fallen, those who cannot speak for or defend themselves and those who just need someone to turn to.

With Blog For A Year, I am hoping to end my own struggles and help others with theirs as well. If you enjoy my writing and want to help me, then please stop by my Blog For A Year Page and put in your vote for me. It would be greatly appreciated.