July 2, 2007

A New Day, Not Much Has Changed

It's a new day here, but not much has changed. The shut the pump to the water off at 3am this morning, but they turned it back on around 1pm this afternoon. We now have water, but we must boil it before it can be used.I've learned that my hometown where several family members and friends live, has contaminated water. They are being advised not to touch the water because of risk of disease. Also the city fears there is something in the air that could possibly make people sick, but they say so far it won't.

It has been raining on and off today. The good news is, the water that was two blocks away from us is gone. We're not out of the water yet, however. It will get worse they are saying, before it gets better.

On a brighter note, I am experimenting with a new feature that will allow my page to load faster. It's the Read on link and should open in a new window. The only downfall that I have found is, it can't be used in windows live writer. Or can it? Does anyone know if this will work with it? I've grown attached to windows live writer and really enjoy using it. I also fear that it may cause problems with Pay Per Post. Does anyone know if it's a problem for them? Some feedback would greatly be appreciated!