July 6, 2007

MyBlogLog Misuse

There is a new feature at mybloglog.com If you go to the communities area, you'll find you are able to message everyone on your mybloglog list. This is a nice feature for those who want to update members once in a while or give a long overdue shout out. Unfortunately I am already finding a few members on my list who are misusing this latest feature by sending messages on a daily basis. While I feel this is just a simple case, I am hoping it doesn't get out of hand. I guess we will see!

While I am on another note, a really good friend of mine wondered if everything on my blog is truth. Including the payperpost ads. My answer.. Yes. When I choose ads like payperpost's. Everything that I choose to write about is truth. I won't endorse products I do not believe in or would not be willing to purchase from. So you can rest easy... :)

There was something else I wanted to blog about, but damned if I can remember what it was. Old age is slowly getting to me I guess. I can't even tell you what I had for dinner last night. Sigh.