July 10, 2007

Love & Mysticism A Very Interesting Blog and Owner

About a week ago I was privileged enough to be able to work with Vikram Madan from Love & Mysticism. His knowledge with HTML and script was very helpful and I was able to clear up some errors with my blog. Because of this, I wanted to return the favor by posting a review of his blog, so here it is.

If you stop by Love & Mysticism, first off you'll notice that it's rated 17 and over. There's a good reason for this! Virkam Love and Mysticismhas a very deep opinion about love, relationships and life in general. Don't let his writing offend you, however. If you look deeper into the meaning of his posts you'll find a very strong opinion, yes. But, you will also find that in many ways there is some truth to what he writes.

One of my favorite posts from him (actually there's a couple) is a post called, Indefense of George Michael. Here there is a lot of anger in his post, so if you are offended very easily, then you may not want to read what he has to say. If you can look beyond his anger however, you'll find some truth there. Many people do strike out at George Michael, because of his sexual preference and I truly wonder why? Now it doesn't mean a reader is interested in homosexuality as Vikram somewhat suggests, but maybe they just truly do not understand it.

After George's partner passed away, I felt so badly for him. I am sure not everyone was harsh to criticize him, but I am very sure there were some who did. What if people did not know George was gay? What if they got to know him and never asked his sexual preference? Then what?

If we judge others based on their looks, sexual preference, etc.... what does that tell us about ourselves? Instead of judging others, I choose to look further and view what is inside of a person. I hope you do as well.

Another post that I found to be of interest from Vikram is one called, Hypocrisy. In it Vikram talks about some artwork that he re-created. The artwork however, was that of a woman who is topless. Now while I am not one who believes in posting porn all over the internet, I saw nothing wrong with the artwork he re-created. A few others however, did and I am not sure why. To be very honest, this post actually reminded me of the novel, "The Scarlet Letter." The reason however is far different from partially nude artwork. Instead, it reminded me of the hypocritical opinions of those in that era.

If I still have your attention and you are not one that is easily offended, then you should drop by Vikram's Love & Mysticism.