July 19, 2007

It's Time to Drink Your Veggies

Mom always told you to eat your veggies, right? Well, as much as today's society is on the run, it's often hard to eat your veggies at times. Fortunately today's society also provides us with ways to drink our veggies as well. I for one am a big fan of veggies.

In the past I had allowed myself to consume more starches and junk food, than anything. I started feeling tired and sluggish. So much that I was falling asleep during work. So, I stopped eating. Yes, I stopped eating. After realizing that was only making matters worse, I began looking at my diet.

Because we're on a budget, I had been buying a lot of starchy processed foods and I was skipping the veggies. Since then, I've began incorporating veggies into my diet. With kids, keeping up the house and work however, there are times when I can't cooking up a bunch of veggies for lunch or dinner. So, when that happens I Drink My Daily Veggies, instead.

One problem I have noticed however, because I live in such a small town it's very difficult to purchase organic food. Because of this, I've found that http://www.drinkyourveggies.com/ allows me to get what I need without having to worry about anything unnatural. Their daily drink mix allows me to add water to the mix and go. I can sit and work at my desk while drinking my lunch! How cool is that? The veggies also contain no added salt, sugar or preservatives, which is something I am definitely excited about.

If you're not fond of drinking your veggies, another way you might try it is in meals. You could add it as a rub for meats. Something I haven't tried yet with the kids, but I soon plan to! Adding this as a mix to add to cornbread! Yummy! Not sure how you might want to use it? Check out their website for a few great recipes or create some of your own and let me know what you think!

Will this be something I continue to try? Quite possibly! I found this to also be a great alternative to tea or juice along with lunch. Now I am not saying you should drink all of your veggies, but this is a great alternative if you're looking for a quick meal that is on the go!

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