July 7, 2007

If You Liked My Story....

.... Please vote, so that I can win. The story I am talking about is, The Road Home. I submitted it to www.scribblescratch.com in a contest she was holding last month. While I understand her reason for having everyone vote on the best story instead of her original plans of choosing a winner on her own, I am a little disappointed because it means I have to find people who liked my story in order for me to win, and I am just now finding out about the post for this. If I don't win it's not a really big deal, however. I enjoyed just writing the story itself. It would be nice to win though. :)


If you'd like to help out, you can cast your vote for me here: http://scribblescratch.com/2007/07/07/cast-your-vote/ From there scroll down and look for me as Joy Anderson. The you can mark your vote and click submit. :)


P.S Voting ends Monday July 9th!!!