July 23, 2007

The Generation

This is a bit of the novel I am currently working on. Feel free to let me know what you think.



There it was, waiting for him, watching and taunting his every move. He closed his pale blue eyes and tried to ignore it. I don’t need it. It’s not worth it anymore. He opened his eyes, the room was spinning.

“God, help me.” His hand trembled, his knuckles paled.
    “Just one last time.” He mumbled desperately.

    His mouth tightened, his strong tapered fingers slid over the rough maple wood of the end table and grasped the needle. He closed his eyes, the moldy stench of the room reminding him of his surroundings.

The room was nothing more than an old basement of a storage building, but it served its purpose. There were no windows, leaving the only source of light a forty watt bulb that hung from the ceiling fixture.  The floor was nothing more than a slab of cement and except for the chipped gray paint that showed its old age well, the walls shared that same slab of cement. A single wrought iron bed, a red vinyl chair, a maple wood end table, television screen, commode and steel sink made the room somewhat livable. If he needed food or a shower he went to the city service building and paid his dues. It was how he preferred it.

    He opened his eyes and took a deep breath.
    “One last time.” his hand eased towards his arm. “Just one last time.”
    With one quick motion he slid the needle and injected its contents into his upper arm. Letting out the breath, he withdrew the needle and closed his eyes once more, letting the needle slip from his fingertips to the floor. It was over with. Tomorrow would be another day. Tomorrow he would try again. Tomorrow he would win.


The abrupt sound of knocking disrupted his thoughts and he smiled. Peter had promised a Banino’s triple cheese pizza and a Six-pack to wash it down. It was a shame his old friend had lost the Packers bet, but then that pizza sounded damn good right about now. A thin smile crossed his lips as his thoughts wandered back to eleven years ago when movies and television shows were still allowed on home television. Now only sports and news was allowed thanks to Worldvisions Entertainment Network.
    In 2021 W.E.N had declared that the entertainment world was not being paid enough and television networks were forced to file bankruptcy in order to meet W.E.N’s demands. Now if you wanted to see a movie you went downtown to the theater, if you could afford the $200 admission charge.
    Another abrupt knock jolted him back to reality and he flashed a knowing smile at the door. His friend was always late and tonight it seemed was no exception.
    “It’s about time you got here.“ He crossed the room and flung open the door leading to the stairs into the storage room above. 
    “Mr. David Michael, I have been looking for you.” The plump little dumpling faced man on the other side of the door said.