July 7, 2007

Clean Dishes and More Apples Please!!!!

Well, it's about time! A few weeks ago I bought WallGreen's store band dish soap because it was cheap! Well no more! In order to clean my dishes it took about 1/4 of the bottle every time. And then, any grease that was on the dishes... Stayed there. Well this past weekend, I bought Palmolive Dish Soap. And Boy what a difference! My dishes feel soo much better now that they are clean and so do I!

Another store brand I don't recommend is Wal-mart's. I've noticed that anything I purchase that is Wal-mart brand isn't worth it. I bought an extra can of apple pie filling to make apple crumble with and chose wal-mart's store brand since it was cheap. Tonight when I opened the pie filling and paired it with a can of Musselman's pie filling that was given to me a while back, I discovered a big difference in the amount of apples. Wal-mart's brand had less than half an apple in the can, while Musselman's had about a whole apple. Geesh. I guess cheaper is not always better!