June 16, 2007

You're Fired!!!!

Well, I wish I could say that to my internet's technical support, but damned my luck that I can't!!! Let me back my day up first.

It all started with my 5 kids losing their minds and driving me wild. I think they were cooped up in the house too long, so I suggested to my fiance that we get out with the kids and walk downtown since we can't fit 7 of us in the truck.

While downtown, we managed lunch at big cheese pizza and then stopped by the snow cone shop for a treat. Strawberry cheesecake snow cones. Yum!!! So then my ex-husband called to let me know he was in town to pick up the kids. After a brief chat with him and his fiance, they were off and so was my fiance... -To the pet shop to get a rat...

While my fiance was at the pet shop, I decided to tackle the nasty basement that had left us with a moldy smell after rising through the ac vents. Now is the time I wish I had a camera for before and after photos. I started with a very black nasty floor. We already knew there was dog hair on the floor from the previous owner, but little did we know (really, we shouldn't have been surprised) there was dog crap as well. Apparently the dude left his dog down in the basement for long periods of time! NASTY!!!! So after scrubbing a corner until it was white (I was impressed!), my fiance comes home and tells me to take a break from cleaning.

So I wander upstairs and notice this big taped up box on the kitchen table. At first I was thinking he bought out the pet store and wanted to brag about it! LOL His daughter was thinking he had another snake. LOL He opens the box and pulls out two kittens. One is gray and one is a fluffy black tiger stripe. Apparently he couldn't resist the free kitties that the pet shop was offering. hehe

Soon after we made a break for wal-mart to pick up some groceries and supplies to make some wedding halos. After that, it was back to the house to have dinner and watch a movie.

After dinner, I decided to submit what articles I had written to my boss for payment next week. When I tried to log online, the wireless router showed connected, but I wasn't able to connect to the web or anything else for that matter. After resetting my cable modem and router and finding that it still wasn't working, I called my cable provider. Their diagnosis was the router wasn't working properly. So, they give me a number to call the company for the router. I called them and learned there's nothing wrong with the router. After much bitching and frustration, my fiance finally gets fed up and takes a peek (well somewhat) at the problem. He tells me what cords to move around and low and behold I am online again! And sooo here I am!!!

Whew what a day! To top it off I was able to save myself about $50 on having my wedding dress dry cleaned. There was some makeup stains on the dress that I knew would need cleaned when I purchased the dress. Rather than spending the hefty price for dry cleaning, I decided to do a little research on what might remove the stains. Now it was a big risk and I wouldn't recommend it, if you're too afraid of the results.... Now if you're going by the exact directions on the product and it's uses, then I absolutely recommend the stuff!

I discovered that a product called Oxyclean might very well be a lifesaver for my dress. The only drawback was, it warns not to use it on my dress's fabric. Well, as damned and determined as I was, I decided what the heck and went for it at about $3.00 for a small container of the stuff. I dropped my wedding dress in the washer and started filling it with hot water. Then I added about 5 scoops of the Oxyclean to the water. After the washer filled, I stopped it and let it set for about 5 hours. After I came back, I found my dress to be free from the makeup stains and it looks brand new! Whooo Hoooo!

The dress is now hanging to dry. I am sooo excited! I can't wait to try the Oxyclean on several white t-shirts, the hallway carpet and the chairs in the living room!! GO ME, GO ME, GO ME!!!!!