June 13, 2007

USAEyes and Lasik

Not too long ago I talked about eye care and lasik surgery in another post. I can't stress enough how important eye care is. USAEyes wants you to know about Lasik surgery and eye care as well. USA Eyes.Org

USAEyes is a non-profit Lasik patient advocacy, founded by Glenn Hagele. They have been featured in US News and Oprah Magazine.

USAEyes provides lasik information and they certify doctors who meet the requirements for performing the surgery. Check out their Who and How to Pick section when you're ready to choose a certified doctor. Have a specific question about lasik? Check out their Ask a Lasik Expert section. While USAEyes does provide detailed lasik information, they do not provide the surgery. What they do provide however, is a ton of information about Lasik and their certified doctors. USAEyes is definitely the resource to use before you consider Lasik surgery. If you're considering lasik eye surgery, remember -your eyes are precious, so treat them with the best knowledge in the world. After all, they deserve it!

For more information about USAEyes, check out their website at:

For more information about USAEyes' founder, Glenn Hagele, please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Hagele

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