June 19, 2007

Surviving in the Big City

No food. No money. No resources..... and an unknown city. What if this happened to me? How would I survive? It's a question USA Network wants to know.

Even in a city, mother nature surrounds us, so I would look for fruit trees, bushes, etc. If there were none, I would look at what I have on me. Do I have anything to trade? Or, could I get a job? If it's a big city, often times, employees will hire on the spot. For water, I would look for the local park. Most local parks have water fountains. Public restrooms also have water fountains. There may also be local shelters, if not I'd look for a church. Most churches will have information on where to find free food and shelter. Also, many local restaurants are willing to part with food at the end of the day. Since there are no resources however, churches and local shelters would probably be out. Sleeping might be in hidden tunnels, parking garages, anything open 24/7 such as bus stations or airports. Depending on the weather, the best thing to do is sleep somewhere covered. If worse came to worse, alley garbage cans where food places throw out items are a good source for food.

Now that you know what I would do, check out CIA Operative, Michael Weston and find out how he would survive with USA Network's Burn Notice.

Now it's my turn to ask, how would you survive?

USA Network's Burn Notice Starting June 28th.