June 27, 2007

Procrastinating My Ass Off!!!

I don't know what has possessed me to do everything else, but what I need to really be doing lately, but here I am not doing it! Generally, I can wrap out about 4-5 articles a day, if I set my mind to it, but lately it's dwindled to struggling with 1 article a day. Not good since I have a deadline to meet by the 30th of this month. Now you would think since I'm kid-free for a few days I would really get some work done, but nope! My housework hasn't gotten done either. I just don't feel up to do anything. sigh. So to cure me of this mess I have gotten into, I've decided to borrow the idea of another blogger and write my goals on my blog. Maybe if I do that, I can accomplish a lot more. Right now my main goal is to get everything wrapped up and ready for the wedding. This hasn't been that easy of a task. I sent invitations out a week ago and yesterday, I realized that I would have to move the wedding to accommodate all of the guests. Thanks to a very dear friend of mine, I now have a new site for the ceremony which is right around the corner from the original site. I still have yet to talk to the officiant, get the cake, rings or marriage license. I also need to get white dress shirts for all of the boys, chairs to seat the guests in and wedding decorations for the reception and ceremony. Whew! My first priority is to re-send my invitation to my cousin. I received it back in the mail yesterday with a insufficient address label on it. So I checked the address I have for her and it was correct. I called her to confirm the address and it's the same address. I wonder who screwed up at the post office?? Sigh. After getting the invitation sent back out, I will finish an article that is due. Then I am off to shop for bridesmaid dresses with my friends. After that I will start another article and if not two and get those done. Then I'm going to bed and starting my day all over again. I should actually start a things to do list again since that helped my procrastination problem, somewhat. I big goal after the wedding is to pay off our debt and save money for the trip to Oklahoma for my oldest son's surgery in September. A lot to do, but I think if I break it down, it will help!