June 1, 2007

The Importance of Your Eyes

As a child I was told I needed glasses in order to see far distances. After grade school my glasses were broken by several classmates and I never wore glasses again. A few years ago I considered having lasik surgery on my eyes. I went as far as having my eyes examined only to discover that I did not need lasik eye surgery. The doctor went on to say that as I age and everyone is in bi-focals I will have 20/20 vision. That of course is great news!

Unfortunately not everyone will hear news like that and that is where Aging Eye's Eye Digest steps in. Aging Eye's Eye Digest Is an informative digest that wants you to be aware of aging eye diseases and how important it is to know about them. An aging eye disease doesn't care about it's victims, it can affect both the young and old and result in loss of vision.

Aging Eye's Eye Digest provides readers with information on Macular Degeneration, Dry Eye, Glaucoma, and Cataract. You can also find information on symptoms, treatment and even new developments on each of the diseases. Eye Digest also provides information on Lasik and financial aid if it is needed.

If you have children, you'll want to check out the section about pediatric eye care. There you will find information about Amblyopia(also known as "Lazy Eye"), treatment options and why it's important to have it treated before the age of 5.

I can't believe how informative The Eye Digest is. I don't think there is any stone left unturned. They've covered it all. If you're not concerned you really should be. The number of aging eye diseases could very well double in the next 30 years! If you're not concerned for yourself, please take a look for your children.

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