June 25, 2007

Getting Creatively Insane with Desi Baba

I decided to drop by and see what was new with John Chow when I found his review on Desi Baba. So who the heck is Desi Baba? Well, he's some guy who's creating an insanely interesting life and looking for reviews. Ahh entertainment at its best! So, what does Desi have to offer as far as blogging? Well, readers can find some interesting insight on making money through blogging and blogging how to's. The unique difference about Desi's blog is that he adds a personal touch to his posts. For instance, Don’t Blog Harder, Blog Smarter starts off as -"When I was young, around 11 or 12 years old, I used to watch this cartoon show on Disney Channel...."  Desi also varies his topics. He's not just about making money or blogging knowledge as you can very well learn under the advice category! Looking for a little debate? Check out his politics category. I think by far my favorite is the entertainment category. If you're looking for something different in blogging, be sure to drop by Desi Baba's Blog and say hi. After all, how can John Chow go wrong?