June 11, 2007

For the Weekend Fans

This past weekend was quite interesting. We decided to camp with friends of ours, but before then I needed to get the kids some clothing, since they didn't really have any when they came to visit. I'm on a budget and as much as I'd love to run out and buy everything new for my kids, I didn't. Simply put. Instead I went yard sale shopping with a friend of mine, early Saturday morning. The first sale we stopped at I was able to get a lot of nice clothing for my five year old. Then we stopped at several other sales and found clothing for my 10 year old as well as clothing for my soon-to-be step-daughter. My oldest son and my soon-to-be step-son were a little more difficult to find. I did manage some books while I was out and about for the kids and then it was off to wal-mart for shopping with two other friends of mine for a camping trip.

While we were there, I spotted my cousin and his wife. I ran (yes ran) over to him to say hi and let them know I moved the wedding to July. Then from the distance my friend P called me over, so we could get a move on with the grocery shopping for the camping trip. With her of course was my friend O. My cousin looks over at them and says who's that and I tell him. Yeah M, I know you were checking them out! It was funny, but I doubt his wife saw it that way!

So after the shopping trip, we were headed to the camp grounds. Meanwhile, my fiance needed to pick up his kids for the trip at their mom's house. She lives about 20 minutes from us. Then 20 minutes back to town and another 20 to the lake where we camped at. In between he would stop at wal-mart and then his dad's house to pick up a tent. Well, the rest of us decided to head out to the camp since we didn't think it would take very long for my fiance to meet us. It took my fiance 4 HOURS before he finally made it to the camp! Apparently, he had to listen to his dad warn him about a family member, then he had to talk to his ex about the kids and he picked up more supplies than we anticipated at wal-mart, plus made a stop at the bait shop. I wonder if he stopped in electronics at wal-mart to browse as well....LOL So by the time he got there, it was getting dark. I think the best part about the camping trip was when O's son was found the next morning, sleeping in his that he'd managed to turn upside down in his sleep in the middle of the night. For the most part the trip was great! It was nice to be able to get out and spend time with family and friends.

While we were there however, we learned that our cell phones didn't have a signal. Not a big deal to us, but apparently it was to my father because when I returned I had several voicemail hang ups and when I finally did call him back, he nearly chewed me out for no signal! I mean WTF? That is a bit ridiculous. Maybe I could understand if it were an emergency, but it wasn't. So much for a finale of a nice and relaxing weekend.

Now that I am back to work, it's been enjoyable. Today I was surfing a few other blogs when I ran across this one: http://adventuresincyberia.blogspot.com/
It pokes a little fun at Paris Hilton using The Sims characters. Very Cute!

Now, it's time for me to slip out into the real world now and get some dinner for the kids.