June 4, 2007

A Busy, Busy, Day....

It's been a busy day here. Actually to be exact, a busy few days. Unexpectedly I received a phone call from my oldest son who wanted to come down to visit. Of course I was excited to hear that he wanted to come and visit, so I said ok. It was also common knowledge to know that if my oldest son would be visiting, my youngest would want to as well. My middle son was planning to visit as scheduled at the end of this month, but when he came down with his brothers, he made a last minute decision to stay as well. So was I prepared?? Of course not! LOL But I did have enough groceries to tide us all over until next pay day.

To make sure of that however, I decided to drop by our local food bank, just in case. I've used them once before in such emergencies and received enough food to last for a few week.s This time however, they were only able to supply us with about 2 days worth of food. The food bank can only be used 3 times a year and I dropped by not long after Christmas for my first visit. Meaning I have one more visit to go and that's it for the rest of the year. I am hoping I will not need to use it again.

I do know about a program called Angel Foods, but you have to dish out $25 in advance and believe it or not even $25 is hard for us to come by at the moment.

5 kids, a large mortgage payment, bills and a job and a half just doesn't stretch as far as we'd like it to. On top of that, my middle son does not have clothes, so I have to figure out what to do there. Hmmm

Sooo until my boss pays me, we're scrimping big time to make ends meet. We'll be fine though, but I think it has my fiance freaking out. So in the mean time I'll be walking on eggshells...