May 29, 2007

A Weekend Gone WILD!!!

Well, not really... but it felt that way!

I started out wondering why my period was sooo out of whack. Never found the true answer, so I'm guessing it's from stress. On top of the period however, I seem to have gained a nasty little cold. My fiance and I thought it was the flu at first, but it turned out to just be a simple cold.

Friday, I received a surprise phone call from my kids. They were excited about the birthday cards I had sent them and thanked me for them. It was great to be able to talk to my kids even if it was for only a few minutes!

Saturday was really a lazy day, but we managed to make it to the grocery store, my soon-to-be brother-in-law's house to pick up a pool pump and play a game of heroscape. Originally my fiance was suppose to play paintball with his brother, but it rained and it was going to cost way too much to rent the paintball stuff. Soo hopefully he can reschedule a game of paintball with his brother again soon.

Sunday we went to a family reunion. At first my fiance didn't really want to go, but after I begged and pleaded with him, he finally gave in. The reunion started out a little awkward for both of us. Neither of us really knew anyone (distant relatives I hadn't seen in years), but by the end of the evening my fiance seemed to be enjoying himself.

After the reunion we stopped by my aunt's house to pick up some plants that she had for me. I thought we would stay longer than we did, but I should have known better when it comes to my father... Back up.. Reverse... To make a long story short we drove down to the reunion with my parents because my fiance's truck has been giving us a lot of problems lately.

Soo anyway, our visit with my aunt was about 20 minutes or so and then my dad's desperate, if not down right rude attempt at leaving, was made known. His reason behind it? My uncle showed up to visit. Another long story, but my dad doesn't get along with most of my mom's family and especially not with my uncle. And when I say get along, I don't mean fights or anything like that. I just mean, my dad chooses not to get along with him. You'd really have to know my dad to understand I guess.

So after our fast getaway from my aunt's, all the way back (a 30 minute drive) home, I heard this and that about my uncle. It got tiring after about the third repeat of the same negative thing and I finally stuck up for my uncle, which stopped my dad dead in his tracks and we had peace and quiet the rest of the ride home. I often wonder why my mother doesn't say anything to him, when he degrades her family like he did that day. Funny however, she did agree with me out loud when I stuck up for my uncle. She just doesn't voice her opinion on her own. Sigh..

Soo that was pretty much my weekend... As for Memorial Day?? Well that's a whole other post on it's own!