May 31, 2007

Tomorrow is Going to be a Very Long Day

I'll probably be getting up before everyone else, aside from my fiance. He has to work at 5am, which means the alarm will be going off a 230am! Ohhh what fun!!! So yeah, I'm going to be up at 5am. It's fine though. it's a nice quiet time when the kids will be asleep and I'll be able to catch up on some extra work. I could use all of the work I can get right now. Soo much to do and not enough money it seems.

Speaking of which, when I have time... I'd like to get on the topic of making money.. I'm not talking about the work your ass off type of jobs, but those get rich schemes. You know the ones. More about those later though.

I'd also like to dig deeper into the topic of real beauty. It's an issue that I've had an interest in for a very long time. As a matter of fact I went as far as creating an e-zine because of it. I have sooo many ideas, but there never seems to be enough time.