May 25, 2007

Things I Need For the Windows in This House

We've been here for over a month now and we have yet to put any blinds on the windows. I think it is time, don't you? I was checking out Terry Fabrics Blinds and found some really cool Roman blinds there, that would look great in the kitchen! They have a faux suede blind called, Buffalo Roman that is absolutely gorgeous. It's an espresso color that would go great with the kitchen's decor. The Blind is available in 5 sizes, so I'm very sure I can find ones to easily fit the kitchen windows. The company is however, located in the UK, so I'd imagine the shipping would be a little more to here, but I think they would be worth it. If you're interested and need to dress up your windows, they do have a nice selection of other blinds including wooden ones. I had wooden blinds on my living room windows in another home and I loved them. It's definitely worth checking this site out!

Terry Fabrics Blinds

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