May 16, 2007

Search and Get a Paycheck

If you're like me and do a lot of research online, you'll definetly want to check out a new search engine called,slashmysearch. You can earn money by doing searches. They pay out a total of $180 per a month, but if you refer others, you can make more money. You can make up to near $1980 a month just by using their search engine. Plus, a wonderful thing about this search engine is, they donate a portion of their own earnings to charity. And if you're an ebay user, you can easily search for ebay items without having to visit ebay's site.

Here's what they have to say:

"You earn money by actively using Earn money by setting as your homepage (you can do this on more than one computer, but you must login atleast once on each new computer). Earn even more money by using as your primary search engine, the more you search the more you make, its that simple! You will be checked for activity a few times per hour and credited for each segment. Any page on will count towards your credit. Remember to use every time you search and every time you are looking for anything on the internet. Be sure to also take advantage of our new Shopping and eBay Typo search types!"

Why not get started and start getting paid to search with!