May 26, 2007

A Really Cool Auction Site

I was surfing stuff, when I found this really cool auction site called, Bid4Prizes. I'm not sure why I didn't write about them before, but here I am now! Okay the first thing that hit my eye was that 2007 BMW. Cool! I've always wanted a BMW, but then I saw the Nintendo Wii !!!!!!!!! I know my fiance would love that!!

So I went in and signed up. What have I got to lose? Now Here's what's really great about this site. The lowest bid wins! Very cool. Okay so now you're thinking, why pay for 1 million in cash? Well that's the best thing about this site. You don't pay anything. You put in a phony bid and when that bid wins, you get the prize for free!

So how are they able to do that? By advertising of course! They even pay for shipping! Every time I bid I get a point and that point allows me to win other instant win prizes as well. How cool is that? I get up to 20 bids per day to guess the lowest unique bid. If I don't guess the lowest unique bid, Bid4Prizes give me at hint at what the lowest bid is. If I guess the lowest unique bid, I'm in the start for winning that Nintendo Wii. I know my fiance is going to love that!!

Why not give it a try yourself. Who knows, you may very well be the lucky winner to you favorite prize!!!