May 22, 2007

Pool Cleaning, Blogging, Mood Swinging and Other Useless Crap!!

Thanks to payperpost's nice little note (sarcasm intended) I'm now in the mood to blog. So really, don't mind me if you find quite a few personal posts today. I really haven't updated this thing with much lately anyway. Not that this post is really going to be useful!

Over the weekend, we finally managed to begin working on our pool. Now when I mean work, I seriously mean work. Apparently the dude who owned this house before us was not good on any of the upkeep. The pool looks more like a pond than anything and we learned he swam in it when it was green! As a matter of fact it's gotten to the point that a couple of frogs have made their home in it!

So, we cleaned both the bottom and top of the pool over the weekend. Our next objective is to borrow my soon-to-be brother-in-law's pool pump to remove the rest of the nastiness that has invaded our pool. We were going to borrow it over the weekend, but unfortunately something came up and we were not able to do so. So now we have to wait because of work schedules. Sooo much fun!!!!

Whew soo much to do, in so little time:

Finish the pool before the 4th of July
Pick up the kids in June
Head north to visit Science City, The Ren Fair and Mom
Get everything we need for our wedding in October (
We may have to move the date due to Surgery and the kids moving)
Honeymoon after the wedding (
not this year it looks like!)
Kids Birthdays: May, June, July, September and October
Need a new vehicle since the truck needs a major overhaul

And that's just the beginning of the list...