May 22, 2007

Our Ridiculous Gas Prices!!!

I am hoping in June to be able to drive down south to pick up my kids, so that they can spend time with me. Lately it's been a big worry because gas prices have sky rocketed!

Since our town is small enough we were able to walk downtown to where we needed to go. However, I missed going to the library, thanks to those damn gas prices! Luckily my fiance car pools to work with a friend, which is great!

After doing a little surfing through one of my favorite sites, I found a program that is offering $100 in gas for $25 at whatever gas station we choose. What's the catch? There is none. That's the great part about it.

So now I am really thinking about taking advantage of the opportunity for this summer's trip south. I'm already taking the opportunity to share this with everyone else because it's a great thing. How we get $100 in free gas is because of advertising. Pretty cool, I think. I'm for it anyway!

Check them out for yourself:


If you're planning on doing any major driving this summer, hopefully you can take advantage of this opportunity as well! I hear that by summer gas prices will be at $5 a gallon!!!!!