May 11, 2007

OMG this is Soo Sad!!!!!! :(

I remember when David Hasselhoff was enjoying great fame with his shows Knight Rider and Baywatch. I still enjoy his shows. I don't know what has made him resort to drinking soo much. Nothing is worth it to be like this. David, you're not alone! Please know that. Just as I said about Paris, you're human too. You can't blame others for your drinking! Instead of drinking your problems away, why not sober up and focus on the problem itself. Drinking isn't the answer, but I am sure you have been told this time and time again. I have seen so many of my family members battle drugs and alcohol. Sigh. I say focus on your reason for drinking. Focus on what is hurting on the inside. It's obvious in the video there is a lot of hurt. Everyone experience's pain and it's so sad to see David in this state. Yes, he's done it to himself. I just hope he can realize that drinking is not the answer to life's hurt. Why do people do this to themselves??

I do have one thing to say. I believe his daughter had his best interest in mind, but I also believe in some sense this should have been a private matter. I am sharing this however because I believe people need to see that alcohol can affect anyone, even celebrities like David Hasselhoff.

David Hasselhoff's Video