May 24, 2007

New -Payperpost Direct

Okay, so I learn something new ever day, which of course is never a bad thing! Payperpost Direct is a new program offered by payperpost, of course. What it does, (here's the part I learned) is it cuts out the middle man when it comes to bloggers getting paid by advertisers for their posts.

So for example: ReviewMe or Blogsvertise get paid by advertisers a really big percentage and then they post what those advertisers are looking for, we take the job offer and get paid by ReviewMe or Blogsvertise for a review that we're not seeing much of a profit from.

Plus, the advertiser should actually be paying us for the review right? Then why the heck is he/she paying somebody like ReviewMe or Blogsvertise most of the money? Well it's not really the advertiser's fault. But you get the idea!

Now, here's what Payperpost Direct does, they find you the advertiser (same thing as the other guys), but they don't hog the profits. About the only thing they take is enough for paypal and credit card fees. So, that's pretty cool! Advertisers can go directly to our site, see the Payperpost Direct widget and if they like our blogging, then they click on that widget and we're seeing the money!! Sooo cool! I'm all up for that!

So, if you're already blogging for payperpost, why not check out payperpost direct? And if you're not already blogging for payperpost? What are you waiting for??? I've made nearly $40 from them in less than a few weeks and I just started with them!!!