May 15, 2007

Lowlights, facial brighteners, ohhh my!!!!!!!


So my recent article research has been on lowlights. So far it's interesting reading since it was something I wasn't very familiar with. It will definitely be an interesting article to write about.

Lately, most of the articles I right, I've been checking out the
ideas for myself. One I did a while back was about facial brighteners. Well, after writing the article I decided I wanted to try them, so when my fiance and I ventured out to our local wal-mart I decided to hunt them down. End the end my fiance even got in on the Turns out wal-mart doesn't carry the stuff, so it looks like if I really want to purchase a facial brightener I'll be looking for it elsewhere.

Now that I am writing an article on lowlights, I am seriously considering having those done. I was talking to a friend who has lowlights and she left me with a positive note, so who knows!