May 11, 2007

Kuddos Goes Out to the Judge!!!!

A bit long, but well said...

Now if you're still with me... Finally! A judge who is willing to treat someone with money and fame like a real person. If it were someone who wasn't famous, I know there would be a lot more people not giving a crap and saying they deserved what they got. Paris is human, humans make mistakes. Live up to your mistake, Paris. Everyone else has to. I am hoping the time in jail will help Paris to realize that life isn't just about fun and games. Show your fans the right way to do things. Show them a positive image. Care about others rather than yourself, please.

I don't know what her mother was thinking to say something like that to the judge. Yes, she is a mother, but mom... what would have happened if Paris had killed someone or killed herself? Would your reaction be the same? Take your tit out of your daughter's mouth and let her learn from her mistakes, please! There are young people out there who follow in your daughter's footsteps! What would happen if one of those fans drives drunk and kills someone or kills your daughter?? Then what? Everyone makes mistakes, even our children. We can either guide them down the wrong path or we can guide them down the right path.

Please guide them down the right path! Our children are our future!