May 23, 2007

I Changed My Mind

I wrote a post a while back about the school system and their thermometers being off. Then I went on about some garbage sentence saying -"So to all those schools who we understand are concerned about our children's well-being, we love you for it..."

I've changed my mind about one particular school. Why???

Because yesterday, I received a phone call from my fiance's daughter's school. Apparently his daughter had gotten on the wrong bus and was now at another school instead of home with mom in another town. Luckily I was at home since my fiance was at work and her mom could not be reached. After bringing her back here, I received mom's panicking phone call after finding out her child had not gotten off the bus where they lived.

Apparently the school had told her the same thing they'd told me at first. She'd gotten on the wrong bus. When her mom questioned how that happened, they then changed their story and said she'd gotten on the right bus, but gotten off at another school.

Now what's seriously messed up about the matter is, first of all... It's very obvious they were trying to cover their ass and blame it on the child. BAD IDEA. VERY BAD IDEA!

Every day the school's teachers, count heads and make sure every kid makes it on the correct bus to get home. Every day the bus driver does the same exact thing. Now any way you look at it, someone working for the school, screwed up BIG TIME!

What's even more messed up is that they would have never known she had even gotten off if it were not for my fiance's daughter who did the right thing and told the other school's principal that she was not suppose to be there. That was the only reason the school knew where she was!!!! What would have happened if someone would have snatched her or if she was scared enough that she didn't know what to do? She could have wandered away from the school!!!!

It pisses me off that they had no idea where she was at, didn't even know she was missing until that child told them and then they tried to cover their ass and blame it all on her!!!

It's not the first time a school has lost a child either. When my 10 year old started kindergarten at another school in the state of Oklahoma, the very first day, his teacher lost him. I almost understood that it was a first day and she didn't know all of the kids yet, until.... she walked away, back to the rest of the class without a concern in the world that my child was missing.

Come to find out, he had went to the other side of the school to find his oldest brother.
The very next day, I reported the incident with her to the principal. The rest of the school year he was always in trouble for some reason. Funny however, after that school year, he never was in trouble again.

And to think we have to put our trust into these schools!