May 16, 2007

How You Can Go on a Date With Actress Mirelly Taylor

Want to rub elbows with the rich an famous? Well, here's your chance! is letting one fan go on a date with actress Mirelly Taylor. You may remember Mirelly in "Kiss Me Again" and "Serving Sara." She has also appeared in the television shows, “Las Vegas”, “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs." I love "Las Vegas!"

To be a part of this event, you'll want to check out's Seduce a Celeb and their hilarious video submissions from other fans of the star.

Check it out by visiting this link:

Free videos at will sponsor this event for the next 14 weeks only, so you may want to get moving before you miss your own chance to get in on the action! While you're there, be sure to check out her ideas of what she's looking for in a guy. In the end, she'll get to choose one of the lucky finalists and it could be you!

While you're there, check out Emmy Award Winning Producer, Scott Sternberg, and Andrew Firestone from “The Bachelor” who are also part of the show. This looks really neat. Online users of the site get a chance to be part of the show and win a date with a hot celebrity! Now why can't I be single??? Just kidding!! Hehe.. The neat thing about the contest is, you can submit more than one video! Hey, what a great way to better your chances! Plus the online audience gets in on the voting action.

This looks like a fun way to get to know some great Hollywood talent like Mirelly Taylor. I would definitely love to be a part of this if I wasn't already taken by a great guy! Take a chance! What have you got to lose? You never know, you may very well get to take Mirelly Taylor for a night on the town! You can't beat that! Just remember, if you do win, let me know!

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