May 31, 2007

Hotel Reservations Are a Must!

Summer is almost here and with it comes vacations. Not only that, but for me I have a honeymoon I am hoping to be able to fulfill as well as a trip to Oklahoma in September to see my oldest son. I know the hotels and vacation rentals don't come cheap, so I did a little search with and found that they do have Cheap Hotels!

Not only that, but I also discovered I can rent a car with them! Something else I am in definite need of! With I can easily save up to 70% off on all of my travel needs. I don't even think my local car rental place can beat that.

The cool thing about Hotel Reservations is that I can book my travel needs for just about anywhere in the world. I can book a flight, car rental and hotel rental all in one. I can also book a cruise vacation with them! Just what I was looking for as a honeymoon idea. How cool is that!!

When you go to their website, check out their destination guide. From there you can research and plan your trip. I'm already thinking this place will come in handy for future vacations. Maybe a route 66 road trip?? Hotel Reservations isn't just limited to hotel rentals either. You can find condo rentals as well as bed and breakfast rentals. And if you're looking for a great vacation package, this is the way to go! Maybe I'll get that honeymoon after all!!

Now the really cool thing that I just found out is that they offer up to $100 in rebates when you book a hotel. Free Money!!! Not bad at all!!! I also just saw that they have group rates. Hmm and my fiance and I were talking about friends and family vacationing in Disney Land not too long ago. Maybe the way to go!

Not from the USA? Not a problem. I see that they have Spanish, French and Italian, just in case you're more comfortable with your home's language.

Heck! I'm seeing that they even have spa packages! Honeymoon! Here we come!!! Be sure to check out Hotel Reservations and let me know how your vacation goes!

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