May 22, 2007

Get Paid to Post with Payperpost

I've been a member of payperpost a viral marketing program, for about a month now. Now I did have a little trouble getting started with posting due to my own error but, I love this site for one reason. There are tons of advertisers looking for bloggers to post about them. And what does that mean for us? More Money of course! Plus they pay quite a bit more than some of the other paid for post sites out there do. The highest so far that I've been paid is $5, but I have several posts pending with them where the amounts are no less than $10. Great huh??? I've seen posting opportunities for as much as $300 and even heard about a blogger getting paid $2000 for a post. How cool is that??

The really cool thing about this site is, the show the top earning bloggers on the main page and how much they've earned so far. -It's great encouragement I think and a way to say, Yes! I can make that much too! Currently the top blogger has made $11,545.84! I can't wait to be in that area!

Another great feature that payperpost has is, the Blog Of The Day area. Here you can view other bloggers just like you that are getting paid to post with the site.

This is really a great site for moms, dads, college kids and grandparents who are really into blogging and want to get paid for it.