May 24, 2007

Free Music Downloads to Help Moms/Women in Need!!!

I ran across this and thought it was awesome. Viactiv, the multivitamin for women, is giving away free music downloads from up and coming female singers. Every time you download a song, they will donate 10 cents to Dress for Success.

Dress for Success is a non-profit organization that help women find a job and give them a suit for their interview. Once they have a have, they are able to receive another free suit or separates for their new job. How cool is that???

This is a great opportunity to help moms and women better their situation all for downloading free music! You can't beat that! Now while I must admit their selection of artists are what I normally listen to, I did find Kim Emerson to be an awesome singer! Check out and download her song So Excited, while you're there.